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I'll admit that I’m one who generally prefers live electricity over studio polish, but purely on its own terms, Goodwin's 2 is a finely-wrought example of that rarity, the Big Rock Record. The painstaking ... process of its creation paid off in a work that's rich in sonic detail (kudos to Fort Worth Sound's Bart Rose for the mix), none of which would matter if the songs didn't deliver the emotional wallop that they do. - Ken Shimamoto, [link]
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My drinking bud and I tossed around names like Cheap Trick and the Foo Fighters, but a more instructive comparison would be with Bob Mould, the depressive, control-obsessed Minneapolitan who created the template for much of Amerindie rock. Indeed, to these feedback-scorched ears, Goodwin's music sounds like the most intelligent collision of aggression and melody since Mould's blasts of love and spleen on Hüsker Du's Warehouse: Songs and Stories and Sugar's Copper Blue.. - Ken Shimamoto, Fort Worth Weekly, August 6, 2003 [link]
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