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It's been 4 years since Goodwin’s debut album and they have returned with their second release, "2" that catapults over its predecessor with confidence and delivers 10 solid, strong songs that have a helping of downright 'excellent' ones.. Like their debut, in spots Goodwin remind of us of fellow Texans Blue Cartoon, but most strongly bring to mind a less edgy "Copper Blue" Sugar, as well as some Replacements, Ruth Ruth, poppy Foo Fighters, and the long-departed Who Hit John. 10 songs of smart, aggressive POWER-poppin' rock. - review of 2 [link]
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"Go" Hell yeah! Closed circuit to your volume knob: you might want to turn this up. Goodwin's debut is chock full of rockers that have kicked our ass, and this track is no exception. The hook grabs you right away and doesn't let go. These guys play the hell out of their instruments and it makes for one very killer CD. Jump on the Goodwin bandwagon, because I'm drivin', and the wagon is getting full! - review of "Go" [link]
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