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It's been 4 years since Goodwin’s debut album and they have returned with their second release, "2" that catapults over its predecessor with confidence and delivers 10 solid, strong songs that have a helping of downright 'excellent' ones.. Like their debut, in spots Goodwin remind of us of fellow Texans Blue Cartoon, but most strongly bring to mind a less edgy "Copper Blue" Sugar, as well as some Replacements, Ruth Ruth, poppy Foo Fighters, and the long-departed Who Hit John. 10 songs of smart, aggressive POWER-poppin' rock. - review of 2 [link]
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"Song" Goodwin plays catchy, energetic pop that is reminiscent of great bands like Ruth Ruth and The Montgomery Cliffs. Their hometown of Dallas/Fort Worth is starting to notice them big time, and they deserve to be heard on a much larger scale! Make sure you check this band out if you like your pop to rock with smarts and energy! - review of "Song" [link]
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