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Today I finally popped in the promotional copy of (Fort Worth’s own) Goodwin’s much anticipated new album. Wow. Goodwin ain't no pop. Goodwin ain't no indie nor shoegazy nor experimental nor electronica. Goodwin, my friends, is a good old-fashioned rock and roll band. They do that rock-n-roll thing brilliantly. I'd go so far to say that their energy, live on-stage, is unmatched. - Cindy Chaffin, Fine Line Live, January 31, 2008 [link]
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"Song" Goodwin plays catchy, energetic pop that is reminiscent of great bands like Ruth Ruth and The Montgomery Cliffs. Their hometown of Dallas/Fort Worth is starting to notice them big time, and they deserve to be heard on a much larger scale! Make sure you check this band out if you like your pop to rock with smarts and energy! - review of "Song" [link]
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