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Goodwin 2 is relentlessly brutal but in the most pleasing, charming manner, like what I've always imagined being beaten up by Muhammad Ali would feel like: Though your ears are ringing and your solar plexus is sore, you want the fight to keep going, just so you can keep watching him. "Just take a seat, pretty boy," the champ says, reassuringly and somewhat sympathetically. "Itíll be over soon." - Anthony Mariani, Fort Worth Weekly, February 27, 2008 [link]
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Fame's always a coin toss, with Fort Worth bands usually coming up tails, but Goodwin's disc is a cut above what most local bands spit out. It's guitar-driven pop-rock, yet it sounds like the type of multi-layered indie-rock you might have heard back in the early to mid-'90s -- stuff like Inch, Arcwelder and Silkworm. Texture, white noise, insanely catchy melodies and Tony Diaz's ironhanded vocals collide in a creative way on just about every song. - Malcolm Mayhew, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, January 30, 2004 [link]
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